Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Where are the new books?

I know a lot of people are wondering why I haven't written a new book since last June, or why I'm so far behind on scheduled books. I'm going to be totally honest, all this mess with my house is literally killing me. We are STILL trying to repair our home from damage sustained in hurricane Michael in October of 2018!
What issues are we STILL having? People stealing from us. It now appears that our previous mortgage company (the contract was sold, further delaying the process of EVERYTHING) has stolen a large sum that I am currently trying to track down. That takes a lot of time and energy that I don't have.
Also, the last contractor we were going to work with took a check and literally ran with it. I have to try to recover those funds as well.
If these funds are not recovered, we are screwed. We need every bit to fix our house.
I was just about to begin working on a new book today. Now, after dealing with this fresh hell, I just can't. That isn't an excuse, it's reality. I'm falling apart. It's just one thing after another.
Maybe I shouldn't be this honest or share this at all. But why lie or hide it? It is what it is. I just want people to know why my books are so late. I have no time or strength left after this kind of bullshit on a daily basis to do my ACTUAL job and write new books.
I am so sorry. I would much rather be writing.😭😭😭

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