Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Night Shift

That's the name of my work in progress. This is the book I had to put down in order to finish my latest that wouldn't stop waking me up at night. But, I like to finish what I start. Especially when it involves hot naked Djinn and sexy mercenaries. LOL

Here's a clip of the prologue. BTW, it's a futuristic/paranormal. I like to mix genres because that's what I like to read. I read recently (in a review of another of my books) that someone didn't know which category to put it in. Why do you have to? (I realize that if you work in a bookstore or a library you have to have a category. This is something different. I'm not retarded. lol) They said they enjoyed the book. Just enjoy it. It's a romance ... what more do you need to know?

I throw in a little bit of everything because I like a little bit of everything. If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't spend so much time working on it. Of course, this reviewer was the only person to ever say that ... just irked me a little. If you like something why do you have to put it in a box? What if it doesn't fit into the box? LOL Okay, now I'm just sounding like a pervert.

Once again ... here's the clip. Enjoy:)

Cigar smoke curled around his mouth as he looked down the bar at me and smiled. Everything is a game to Morgan and normally I would not have played. Maybe it was because we had just helped to liberate an entire race of people. Or maybe I was just still excited from the recent battle. Whatever the reason, I returned his wicked smile. He tipped his glass in response.

Even though it hasn’t been necessary for my heart to beat in a very long time, the look he gave me made it jump into overdrive. I rose slowly from my seat, taking the glass of warm blood with me. My vinyl bodysuit creaked as I moved toward him.

“Thank you, Jester,” one Ti’al woman said as she passed. Her hand trailed playfully across the back of his shoulders. I didn’t like it. She glanced at me and her dark blue lips curled into a challenging smile. Bitch.

Even alien women liked him. Sure, Morgan was attractive enough. But I never understood why someone would be willing to put up with his attitude. Having lived and worked along side him for the past ten years, I felt I knew better than anyone what a jerk he was. Even though I knew this, I took a seat beside him.

He wore a black mask which covered just his eyes. It matched the leather body armor that covered him from head to toe. His dark hair was slightly disheveled, adding to his rakish appeal. As I observed him I took another sip of the warm Ti’al blood and let it soothe me.

“Another round, Jester?”

Jester, that’s his mercenary name. His real name is Morgan Jefferies. But only myself and a handful of other people know that. Morgan’s bizarre sense of humor earned him the moniker long before we ever teamed up.

“I’m fine.”

The big blue bartender turned in my direction. When he nodded his head his short horns glinted in the light.

“How about you, Crimson?”

“I’m fine too.”

I’m known as The Crimson Kiss and I am part of an endangered species, vampires. My real name is Vivian Hart. But like my comrades, I chose to conceal my true identity, just in case I wanted to ever live a normal life someday. I mean, no one can be an intergalactic mercenary forever.