Thursday, February 18, 2021

Where do you get your ideas?

 As an author, I have to say that is the question I have received most often since first being published back in 2007. I can't speak for everyone, but for myself, inspiration can come from literally anywhere. As an example I just got the first good idea I've had in a while. At this very moment I'm listening to Usher and Keith Sweat, and relaxing with a cup of herbal tea after about an hour of yoga. I've had a lot of ideas but none of them that were worth writing. Lol I have been doing my best to cope with the stress of recovering from a hurricane as well as many stressful incidences in my personal life in the last few years. I finally hit that brick wall that so many call burnout. That's a pretty accurate name is I feel as though I have literally been burned to a crisp on the inside. But that's not what I'm here to write about. This evening I had my first good idea in a long time. I may write it I may not. The point is it's an excellent idea and I'm moving forward and receiving inspiration from random sources once again. It feels good, it feels like me again. For my regular readers, I will definitely get there. It will happen. And once I write something that will help me progress back to the point where I'm ready, I will continue your favorite series. In particular I will be continuing the Unseelie Of Atlanta series, as well as the long-awaited Triss Grima series. Those are all down the line and I'm just excited right now because I got a new idea and I think it's a really good. I know I shouldn't be so vague but I also don't want someone else to write about it before I can. LOL I mean, they may have already and I'm just ignorant of the fact. But in my opinion this is something I've not seen done before and maybe it will be the next thing for me. So, I suppose that explains in a very roundabout way where inspiration and ideas come from when you are a writer. Everywhere, literally everywhere. I don't give folks that answer to try to be vague or be unhelpful in anyway. I'm not dodging their question I'm being completely honest yet usually the response is an eye roll and people think I'm hiding something from them. When the stories inside you are ready to be shared, trust me, you too will have inspiration from random sources. Not because a beautiful cloudy sky is what sets you off  or because falling leaves are so utterly spectacular, but because the story inside of you is so ready to come out any little thing will help it along.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Authors are human beings

Today has been a hell of a day. After so long not blogging, that's what I'm going to lead with? Yes, I think so.

If any of this is off, like spelling errors or strange spaces between words, I'm typing this on my phone. I still don't have internet at my house. We're still rebuilding from the hurricane more than 2 years ago. 

My stress is through the roof. The majority of the house is finished, but the yards are still a wreck and a lot of work is still ahead of us.

My work and my mental health has suffered. I was already under a tremendous amount of stress BEFORE the hurricane. 

Today we got the news that my husband will need a second back surgery. He's upset. I'm upset. It has not been a good day. 

You know what could make that worse? Bad reviews that are petty and hateful for no reason other than to hurt a total stranger. Think about that. A total STRANGER. 

I understand not liking something, I really do. But before you leave a hateful remark on Amazon or somewhere else, realize that an actual human being will eventually see it. 

Think of all the painful things you've experienced in the past. We've been through many of these also, because we are PEOPLE TOO. We're not privileged. We're not on some kind of luxury trip all the time. The majority of us don't live glamorous lives. Writing is my job. It's how I pay bills. Plus, I've got all the same shit to deal with that you do. Please consider that before being hateful to an author because you didn't like their book.