Friday, November 23, 2007

The Devil trapped in an angel's body

This excerpt is from Object of My Affection, Book II in the Lilith Mercury: Werewolf Hunter Series by Tracey H. Kitts., available now from New Concepts Publishing.

“What if I help you?” he asked.

I stopped and turned to face him through the rain.

“Why would you do that?”

“Well, once we hear from the council, it might not be your job to kill me anymore. Might as well be nice,” he said with a shrug.

Bade smiled, but his angelic features didn’t fool me.

“Look, I’m out of time for this. And whatever the council decides is irrelevant. I’ll most likely have to kill you one of these days anyway.”

I tried to walk away and he pulled me back.

“Then why didn’t you kill me back there? Why not kill me now?”

“Because you aren’t trying to hurt me or anyone else at the moment, and I don’t have time to fool with you.”

When I turned to leave again, I heard him take a step to follow me and I rounded on him.

“Bade, come to the point or I swear, I will hurt you in a way that you would not enjoy.”

He threw back his head and laughed. The pale gold of his hair clung to his face and neck. The small place where my sliver blade had nicked him had already begun to heal. With my eyes I traced the water that cascaded over his lovely features and tried to fight what I was feeling. I wanted Bade too, physically at least. Who could blame me?

Bade wasn’t handsome in the classical sense of the word. He looked like an angel. Not the fat little cherubs, but the warriors. The tall magnificently crafted cherubim of legend. He was the essence of sin, captured in the embodiment of heaven. What could be more appealing than the devil trapped in an angel’s body? He knew all the wrong things to do, and had all the right equipment to do it with.

“Once things have settled down, I have something I’d like to discuss with you,” he said.

Shit. I’d heard that line before. I didn’t like where the conversation was leading.

“You and I have nothing to discuss,” I replied softly.

“Perhaps, but things change. Marco might not always be in charge.”

My heart beat faster at the implied threat which was exactly what I needed to shut off my libido.

“Do not threaten Marco in my presence.” My voice was calm, which meant I was really pissed.

He ran a hand through his wet golden hair. “Easy love, don’t take it personally. Besides, you haven’t accepted his offer ... have you? I mean, that wouldn’t exactly go over well, would it? The daughter of the commander of The Hunters, cavorting with the head of the local werewolf pack.”

“I take any threat against Marco personally. The rest is none of your business.”

The instant I uttered the words I knew they were true, but it still shocked me to hear it out loud. I had just admitted that I would defend the safety of a man who only months ago, I’d been sworn to kill. Technically, I was still sworn to kill Marco. But like Bade had said, that could all change very soon. Even if it didn’t change, I knew in that instant I would never hurt Marco. I wasn’t capable of it.

Bade was a different story.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Need something to do besides eat turkey?

I'm guest blogging over at Romance Excerpts Only. So, while you're sitting back and enjoying some turkey, why not check it out?

At REO all you get is romance excerpts and nothing but. Absolutely no chat, promo, or obligation.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This is so cool!

Not only have I had a chance to reconnect with one of my cousins, but we are into the same things:) Medieval times are my absolute favorite period in history. Guess what? He loves the middle ages and the Renaissance. How cool is that? Especially since we haven't seen each other in years. Oh, and I dig the werepig too. LOL It's really nice to know we have more than a bizzare gene pool in common. :D

If you get a chance, check out his blog.

Kenneth de Kindardesferi

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Warm fire on a cold night

This is what I was looking at last night and I thought I would share. You can't hear it very well on the video, but the fire was crackling nicely:) I recommend watching this while listening to Barry White and/or drinking wine or hot chocolate, whichever spirit moves you.

As I watched the fire last night I was reminded of a description I gave in one of my books, "He had a sexy, hypnotic voice. Smooth as silk and welcoming as a warm fire on a cold night."

Monday, November 12, 2007

My interview with Melissa Alvarez

For those of you who weren't able to listen to the show, now you can hear what you missed:) Just follow the link below to hear my interview with Melissa Alvarez. Not only is she a published author as well, but Melissa is a psychic. I had a lot of fun talking to Melissa, and hope you enjoy listening.

If you like the show, or have any questions that weren't answered, please leave them as a comment.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Very first review for Object of My Affection!

I tell you what, getting a review like this is better than chocolate with midol sprinkles on a bad day. LOL Seriously, I am thrilled::) I sincerely hope that everyone continues to enjoy this series as much as I enjoy writing it. I don't just share these reviews to brag, or strictly for promo. I share them because I want to share my excitement with my fans. (Or more correctly Lilith and Marco's fans. LOL) It always amazes me when people write to say how much they have enjoyed one of my books. If not for you guys, I wouldn't be here. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

From Romance Junkie's, Maria Shaink


OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION finds our heroine, Lilith Mercury, a werewolf hunter, after the werewolf citizenship legislation has been passed, which makes it hard to know who the enemy is. After spending some time with werewolf Marco, she knows that though her wolf cries out to him, her human heart belongs to another. Alfred is truly the man she has loved since childhood and now the woman she has become is ready to fall for him. But things won’t be easy for the pair. Alfred’s work with the Wizard Council takes him off-planet frequently and she’s got a lot of men, humans and werewolves alike, who want to spend time with her. Again, some enemies are revealed and others become allies, but the action never lets up for our Lilith…

Lilith Mercury is back in this sequel to RED, and if you thought things were getting quiet, you were wrong! The adventure is back and even more intense. Lilith is in the first throes of newly-realized love with Alfred, who had previously taken a backseat to Marco. Marco hasn’t given up though and the interplay between all of these characters is both sexy and edgy. Ms. Kitts continues to surprise and delight me with her dramatic flair and her talent for weaving an intricate storyline. She gives up some secrets whilst keeping the threads of other storylines developing and dangling before the reader, delectably awaiting resolution. Both the new and returning characters in this story are enjoyable, compelling and realistic. The love affair of Alfred and Lilith is heart-melting in its sincerity and her Halloween scene with Marco is just as touching.

Ms. Kitts has once again outdone herself in this book, using her fantastic narrative writing skills to bring the reader into the exciting, visceral world she has created out of fantasy, science fiction and shape—shifter lore. The loves scenes are sexy, sensual and as well-written as they come. The dialogue between the characters is funny, agile and really expressive of their individual personalities. Top it all off with some killer fight scenes and all the elements combine to bring the reader a fantastic story. This is definitely a keeper, and plan on becoming a fan for life after reading!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I'm not a machine, and there's nothing wrong with that

Or, so a friend of mine recently told me. I'm currently working on a new book. I started three days ago, and I've already written 47 pages. Can you believe I think I need to write more tonight? I'm not saying any of that to brag. I'm illustrating a point. I expect too much of myself.

The thing is, this is all I've ever wanted to do with my life, and I want to succeed with all of my heart. But, as someone else told me, that doesn't mean I have to give all of my soul. But it does really. To me at least. Sure, your book (or books) is a product, and I do see it as such. But it is also a part of you.

No artist has ever turned out a masterpiece that didn't have some part of themselves in the finished product. So I guess in a way, I am giving a part of my soul when I write.

I believe that you get what you expect out of life, and I expect great things. But I also believe in hard work and earning your place in life. So, to put it mildly, I'm kicking my ass on a daily basis to be in the right places, make the right connections, and get the job done so that I can move on to the next thing on my list.

However, as my friend's words helped to point out ... I'm nowhere on that list. The point of this somewhat mild rant is to let other writers out there know that it's okay to take a break. It's okay to go to bed early some nights, even though you could use the time to write. Your work will be fresher when your brain has had some down time:) And writing in your pjs doesn't count as rest. LOL I've done that too and still do. It's not exactly the same thing. You CAN let your email go for one day, every now and then. You CAN resist the urge to check all of your messages on every account/blog/myspace page, or whatever else you may have.

My point is this: The world won't stop for you to catch up. However, it won't leave you behind if you get a good night's sleep.


Want to see a hot half naked werewolf?

Then check out the new trailer to Object of My Affection!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Another great review for Red!

WOOHOO! *pauses to do a little dance* Oh, crap. I hear thunder. That must have been the wrong dance. Anyway, this post isn't about dancing. It's about the reason I FEEL like dancing! My debut novel RED just got another great review! This one is from ParaNormalRomance, and I couldn't wait to share it:)

"action and electric heat"

Lilith Mercury is one of those women you don't mess with or she will show you first hand what a bad-ass she is. Having the job of hunting werewolves has hardened her into the strong woman she is. She was born into the job through her father being part of the police squad that was in charge of exterminating the outlaw Lycan Species. She loves her job, it makes her feel alive. But then Marco walks into her life and all of her firm ideas take a beating when she realizes that Marco is all that she has been taught to fight, to take out. Marco is "Off Limits" to her because he is a werewolf. But Lilith can't fight the attraction she feels for him. Could all that she has been taught be wrong? Then there is Alfred, her partner and housemate for years. What is going on? She not only finds it impossible to stay away from Marco, but she is finding the man she has known for years very attractive, a man that would help and do anything for her. Add to that the police detective and Lilith wonders what is she doing, feeling here?

How is she going to chose between three great guys that will do anything for her? Alfred is willing to wait as long as needed because his love for her is that strong. Then you have Marco, the alpha werewolf that is so sensual, he knows what he wants and has faith that the wait will end with him winning Lilith.

Tracey H. Kitts blew me away with the world she built in this story. The characters were so real and knew what they wanted; they just needed to get Lilith to see it their way. The action and electric heat between all of the characters made the story flow effortlessly. I look forward to reading the next in this great series by Tracey H Kitts.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted November 1, 2007 - ParaNormalRomance