Monday, December 31, 2012

Sam is improving

Those of you who read my last post already know my dog Sam was hit by a car. First, I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks for everyone who responded on Facebook to say they were praying for him, or sending positive thoughts. Those thoughts and prayers have definitely been felt and appreciated.

Sam is in good spirits. He is playful and looking better. The swelling in his right eye is still really bad, however, it is improving. At this point he doesn't have infection and it looks like he will be able to keep his eye. Oh, and the swelling has gone down enough that he can close his eye, which is really helping him to heal.

He is responding well to the meds and resting well also. Other than his right eye, he looks perfect. He has no other visible injuries and none internal that can be detected other than some bruising behind his eye.

At first I was so angry. I wondered why this happened and why it had to happen to such a kind and gentle dog like Sam. Then I realized how very grateful I am that he is still alive. Yes, he was hurt badly. But my baby will live. He is still my Sam and I love him so much I can't accurately describe it. When I look at Sam (or my little dog Roscoe) I literally feel the love. My companions make me a better person with the unconditional love they give to me. Sam deserves no less than all my love as he recovers.

Please continue to keep him in your prayers. He is family to me. I begin this new year well aware of how very blessed I am that he is a part of my life.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Please pray for Sam

My dog Sam was hit by a car late last night and he looks horrible. His right eye is protruding from the socket from swelling and tissue damage. According to the vet he will most likely be blind in that eye regardless. Please help me pray the swelling will go down and he will at least look semi-normal, and possibly retain some sight.

Sam has been my companion for nearly 6 years and this is breaking my heart so much I don't have words to describe it. The vet said he will live, but my poor baby will never look the same. He was so beautiful. I will love him no matter what, but it is killing me to look at him and not do anything. I feel like I should be able to fix this because I love him so much.

He found me when I needed a friend and I would do anything for him. I've never been much of a Christmas person, but talk about a terrible holiday. My poor Sam. I can't stop crying. It doesn't help that I have a terrible cold and can't breathe through my nose at all.

I just wish I could rewind to yesterday and stop this. I feel like it's my fault somehow, that there must be something I could have done. I feel so helpless.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Running on all-fours

I wrote a post in 2009 about dreaming of running on all-fours like a wolf. (I say like a wolf and not like any other type of animal because that is how I imagine myself when I run.)

Here is a link talking about my dream, if you're interested.

It amazes me how many hits this article continues to get. Since there is such an obvious interest, I thought I might do a little more research on why people might have this dream.

As I've said before, I keep a dream journal. I've done this for at least 12 years, maybe more. I don't keep up with my dreams as much as I used to simply because I don't often have the chance to dream. Dreaming, for me at least, requires a deep state of sleep which I am not often afforded these days.

I am a very light sleeper and every small noise wakes me. My husband (and my dog) snores. Plus we have an idiot who is fond of riding by at 3 AM with loud music, at least 3 nights a week.

Having said that, I should clarify something. I do still dream. I used to recall my dreams every single night. Now it's more like I remember one dream a week, sometimes two.

I'm also still experiencing the "running on all-fours" dream. I don't call this dream reoccurring because only one element remains the same, the running on all-fours part.

The last time I had this dream I was running down a road near where I live. I was jogging normally, but then I started to pick up the pace. As I moved faster the road changed. It turned to dirt instead of pavement. The next thing I knew I could feel the dirt as it brushed across the palms of my hands, the light yet rough pressure of it as my weight shifted to run. Without any noticeable transition at all, I was suddenly running on all-fours as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

In my opinion, it is the most natural thing in the world. I've studied dream interpretation for years, for a number of reasons. For one thing, I get lots of ideas for books from my dreams. I'm a writer and new ideas are always a good thing. Dreams are a great source of inspiration, especially if you can figure out their meaning.

But aside from that, I enjoy trying to figure out how the subconscious mind works. There are many things that we know when we are asleep and somehow forget when we are awake. Instincts that have been long forgotten in our waking life remain dormant, waiting for the chance to reemerge when our mind isn't "working" so hard at being normal.

I've come across lots of theories about these running on all-fours dreams. I've also discovered that thousands of people have experienced this.

Some people speculate that a dream of this kind means you are about to overcome some huge obstacle in your life. You are literally racing toward your goal.

Others see it as you you feel powerless in your waking life, so you seek the feeling of power that such dreams can give.

And then there is another explanation. Perhaps werewolves are real? You heard me right. There are people who believe that we who experience dreams of running on all-fours are merely reliving what happens when we transform into a wolf. No, I'm not joking.

These are the three most prominent theories I've come across in my research. I'm not saying I believe or disbelieve any of them, but here is MY interpretation.

As for myself, I am always racing toward one goal or another, so this interpretation is only the tip of the iceberg. It doesn't have any real meaning for me. Saying that I am racing toward a goal is like saying I'm going to breathe today.

The second theory doesn't really resonate with me either. Although running this way in my dreams is a wonderful feeling, I don't necessarily crave the power of it. Who doesn't want to feel that kind of freedom? It's a rush each and every time it happens and I can't help but feel that the rest of the world is missing something. This theory has some merit (in my opinion) but it is also only the tip of the iceberg.

When I stumbled upon the third theory I was both excited and amused. I write erotic paranormal romance. MANY of my characters are werewolves. There is something so virile to me, so powerful about a man who is part beast. Especially, if he is in control of his inner monster.

Do I believe that there are people who actually transform into wolves? Unfortunately, no. Why is it unfortunate? Because it would be awesome if it were true. The macabre has always fascinated me so theories about werewolves being real are nothing new in my book. For those who believe that lycanthropy is a mental condition in which someone believes themselves to be a werewolf, this dream theory might have some weight.

I think my own dreams are a combination of many things. As for this particular dream, where the road turned to dirt, maybe I am feeling a need to get back to basics? To release stress and "run free." That is certainly true for me. Maybe it is for a lot of other people also.

In this dream I never actually saw myself as a wolf, it was more of a feeling I had. Although, in other dreams, I have seen myself as a running wolf.

Do I believe I'm a werewolf? Of course not. Just because I write about werewolves or speculate on theories doesn't mean I'm a nut job. Ha. Ha. Ha. The subconscious mind is like the ocean, we may never fully explore it and this fascinates me. I was almost a psychologist after all. I was an undergrad in criminal psychology and considered specializing in sex therapy as a graduate. But, I'm getting off subject.

The wolf has many desirable qualities that lots of people may find themselves drawn to. Power, freedom, confidence. The list could go on.

Maybe those qualities are why I see myself as a wolf. Or maybe it's just because I write about them.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Can a vampire assassin find true love?

I've been so busy lately that I forgot to share the details of my newest release, Wicked City. This is another book whose contract I chose not to renew and instead publish the book on my own.

Since its previous publication, Wicked City has been expanded by more than 2,000 words. It has also been thoroughly re-edited. Plus, I'm very excited about the new cover art. I designed this one myself along with a few others. Readers and friends on my Facebook page voted for their favorite cover for Wicked City and here it is.

This story was inspired by so many things, I'm not sure how to sum it all up. If there is one character who has more of my "voice" than the others in this, it would have to be Synn. He has my sense of humor and definitely my fashion sense. LOL

Wicked City is a combination of gothic fantasy, horror, and romance.

Here is the blurb and purchase details.

Lavinia accepted what she is a long time ago. She isn't squeamish when it comes to blood or her sexuality. After all, both blood and sex are necessary to sustain a succubus. She is a well-trained assassin. Working for her fellow vampire and occasional lover comes naturally for her. When she is sent out to kill someone, they die. It’s that simple. But what if her target means more to her than he should?

Synn thought he knew what he was getting into when he encountered the succubus that first night, but he may still be in over his head. She was sent to kill him, and still he wants her. One man has never been enough for Lavinia, however, the wizard Synn thinks he’s man enough for the job.

Warning: This book contains graphic violence, graphic language, and graphic sex, including multiple partners.

This book was previously published elsewhere. It has since been revised and expanded. During its previous release, Wicked City was a best seller on Fictionwise.

To purchase a copy of Wicked City, click HERE.

Wicked City is also available at All Romance Ebooks

Here what a few reviewers have said. 

Regina, Coffee Time Romance
Whew! Wicked City is one very hot and sexy read! Ms. Kitts starts off with a bang and keeps going until you read the very last page. I loved it!

Reader Review from Barnes & Noble
I enjoyed everything about this story, from the relationships of the characters, to the awesome world of Wicked City. If you like Underworld, or erotic paranormal stories, or just a good romance, you will enjoy this. It's got so many elements in one. There is action, drama, a bit of horror, and a nice love story. 


Monday, December 3, 2012

What is relaxation?

Don't ask me. It would appear that I no longer understand the concept. Relaxation is what I thought I was going to do today. I had plans to sit with my dog and watch TV, never changing out of my pajamas. I've earned it. My plan in January was to take the year off from new projects and re-release all my backlist books that were no longer under contract. So, that's what I've done and I've busted my ass at it too.

I just re-released Wicked City a week ago, and The Dread Moon two weeks before that. This year I've re-released, SIX books! Not only am I adding new content and proofing thoroughly once again (and so is my writing partner), I'm doing the cover art for these books. Don't get me wrong, I love every minute of it, but I'm tired. I need to workout more and clean my house. LOL

So, my plan for the day got changed slightly. I said, "Okay, I'll clean the house, and then watch some TV with Roscoe." That quickly got changed to include checking my email and Facebook.

The next thing I know, I'm sitting here re-formatting the next book on my list, Eden. Why? Well, one reason is I feel compelled to do so. I feel as if I can't work on something completely new until I finish putting these backlist titles back out there for readers. I hope that makes sense to someone besides me. If it doesn't, just blame it on OCD.

I would like to finish the Bound by Blood trilogy I started working on. I would also like to write books 6 and 7 in the Lilith Mercury series. However, I can't take on either of these projects because my mind will not stop focusing on the backlist that needs to be finished. I have no idea once I'm caught up, which of these projects will be finished first.

I know there are many readers waiting to see what happens to Lilith and I know that no one likes to wait. I do apologize, but rushing the story would make it less than what I intended. I'm sure no one wants that. I do need to rest my mind here and there.

I thought I would at least take the holidays off, but it appears I am not capable. Although, I'm still wearing my pajamas. At least one part of the plan didn't change.