Tuesday, September 17, 2019

All of my stories are connected

The book that I've just started writing, Taken by Storm, takes place in the Lilith Mercury world. Telling people that has raised a few questions. Is this a new book in the Lilith series? Nope. Sorry. It is however, a book about Mason Storm.

Fans of the series will probably remember Mason and his Dungeon. lol I've just started work on this book and will try to continue as we progress with mediation on our house (hurricane Michael is still disrupting my life) and hopefully moving out for repairs. Therefore, I have no clue when this story might be finished, but I'll do my best.

This book wasn't even on my schedule until a few days ago. On Friday the 13th I started making notes and by Monday I had 14 pages of notes on nothing but Mason. lol Yes, I always loved him.

For those who are curious about the "world" thing, all of my books take place within the same world. The same rules apply. Everything I have ever written, aside from the books I write as T.K. Hardin, all take place in and around the Lilith Mercury, Werewolf Hunter series. Timeline wise, my books take place before, during, or after the series of events in these novels.

You do NOT have to read the Lilith series to follow my books, not at all. However, if you have read them, a few things in my other books will instantly click. Like, when I mention werewolf rights, or whether or not the public even knows about creatures of the night, that sort of thing. That will let you know immediately where these fit within the timeline of the world I've created.

Someone mentioned to me recently that my books connect in a way that made them think of Stephen King, because he does the same thing with his overarching world. I honestly didn't realize that about King until they told me. lol But if that helps anyone to understand what I'm talking about, I thought I'd give the example.

I've connected all of my books into the same world for one reason, it makes sense to me and helps me keep track of things. Because you know where most of my story notes are, on every single book? In my head. 

This is why you'll see some of the characters from the Lilith series make cameo appearances in other books. They're all part of the same world. For example, Notte Oscura, the theme park from the series of the same name, is right down the street from The Dread Moon, Marco's club in the Lilith series. These people know each other. lol

Marco makes an appearance in book one in my Unseelie of Atlanta series, Shaman's Touch. His club, Red, is very close to where the story takes place.

So, why then have I chosen to specifically label this new book as, "A Lilith Mercury world novel?" Because this takes place literally right next door to Lilith, and involves one of the well-known characters from that series. He doesn't just make a cameo, he's one of the main characters. Therefore, it's a Lilith Mercury world novel. :) 

Chronologically, Taken by Storm will take place after the events of the 7 Lilith Mercury novels. However, I'm not going to put spoilers in this, because I hate spoilers. And you certainly do not have to read the series to follow this new book. But, if you want a better understanding of Mason and maybe the world itself, you might enjoy the Lilith Mercury series.

To tease everyone mercilessly, here's the new cover art I made a few nights ago. lol I'll finish this one as soon as I can, given everything I've got going on with my house.

For those who haven't read the Lilith series and are now curious, the first book, Red, is free on Amazon US. 

Grab Red here.

I hope that explanation makes sense, I'm running low on coffee. lol Now, I need to get back to work. ;) 

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