Thursday, November 1, 2007

Another great review for Red!

WOOHOO! *pauses to do a little dance* Oh, crap. I hear thunder. That must have been the wrong dance. Anyway, this post isn't about dancing. It's about the reason I FEEL like dancing! My debut novel RED just got another great review! This one is from ParaNormalRomance, and I couldn't wait to share it:)

"action and electric heat"

Lilith Mercury is one of those women you don't mess with or she will show you first hand what a bad-ass she is. Having the job of hunting werewolves has hardened her into the strong woman she is. She was born into the job through her father being part of the police squad that was in charge of exterminating the outlaw Lycan Species. She loves her job, it makes her feel alive. But then Marco walks into her life and all of her firm ideas take a beating when she realizes that Marco is all that she has been taught to fight, to take out. Marco is "Off Limits" to her because he is a werewolf. But Lilith can't fight the attraction she feels for him. Could all that she has been taught be wrong? Then there is Alfred, her partner and housemate for years. What is going on? She not only finds it impossible to stay away from Marco, but she is finding the man she has known for years very attractive, a man that would help and do anything for her. Add to that the police detective and Lilith wonders what is she doing, feeling here?

How is she going to chose between three great guys that will do anything for her? Alfred is willing to wait as long as needed because his love for her is that strong. Then you have Marco, the alpha werewolf that is so sensual, he knows what he wants and has faith that the wait will end with him winning Lilith.

Tracey H. Kitts blew me away with the world she built in this story. The characters were so real and knew what they wanted; they just needed to get Lilith to see it their way. The action and electric heat between all of the characters made the story flow effortlessly. I look forward to reading the next in this great series by Tracey H Kitts.

Reviewed by Nicole Harvey
Posted November 1, 2007 - ParaNormalRomance

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