Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Very first review for Object of My Affection!

I tell you what, getting a review like this is better than chocolate with midol sprinkles on a bad day. LOL Seriously, I am thrilled::) I sincerely hope that everyone continues to enjoy this series as much as I enjoy writing it. I don't just share these reviews to brag, or strictly for promo. I share them because I want to share my excitement with my fans. (Or more correctly Lilith and Marco's fans. LOL) It always amazes me when people write to say how much they have enjoyed one of my books. If not for you guys, I wouldn't be here. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

From Romance Junkie's, Maria Shaink


OBJECT OF MY AFFECTION finds our heroine, Lilith Mercury, a werewolf hunter, after the werewolf citizenship legislation has been passed, which makes it hard to know who the enemy is. After spending some time with werewolf Marco, she knows that though her wolf cries out to him, her human heart belongs to another. Alfred is truly the man she has loved since childhood and now the woman she has become is ready to fall for him. But things won’t be easy for the pair. Alfred’s work with the Wizard Council takes him off-planet frequently and she’s got a lot of men, humans and werewolves alike, who want to spend time with her. Again, some enemies are revealed and others become allies, but the action never lets up for our Lilith…

Lilith Mercury is back in this sequel to RED, and if you thought things were getting quiet, you were wrong! The adventure is back and even more intense. Lilith is in the first throes of newly-realized love with Alfred, who had previously taken a backseat to Marco. Marco hasn’t given up though and the interplay between all of these characters is both sexy and edgy. Ms. Kitts continues to surprise and delight me with her dramatic flair and her talent for weaving an intricate storyline. She gives up some secrets whilst keeping the threads of other storylines developing and dangling before the reader, delectably awaiting resolution. Both the new and returning characters in this story are enjoyable, compelling and realistic. The love affair of Alfred and Lilith is heart-melting in its sincerity and her Halloween scene with Marco is just as touching.

Ms. Kitts has once again outdone herself in this book, using her fantastic narrative writing skills to bring the reader into the exciting, visceral world she has created out of fantasy, science fiction and shape—shifter lore. The loves scenes are sexy, sensual and as well-written as they come. The dialogue between the characters is funny, agile and really expressive of their individual personalities. Top it all off with some killer fight scenes and all the elements combine to bring the reader a fantastic story. This is definitely a keeper, and plan on becoming a fan for life after reading!

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