Sunday, October 12, 2014

Not sure about the newsletter

MadMimi has a feature that allows me to keep sending the newsletter (in the hopes of it being delivered to everyone) without re-sending it to people who have already received it. That's pretty neat. The problem is, only 6 people have actually received it, and I've sent it out 4 times. Plus, I've heard from other people who never received a confirmation email.

*sigh* I'm seriously considering terminating this newsletter. I know everyone says that I need to have one. BUT, people can subscribe to my blog, and I always share any important (and some not so important) stuff here. :)

I'm going to leave it for now. But, I'm considering just telling people to subscribe to my blog instead of worrying with that glitchy newsletter. Just wanted to let everyone know. 

On a different note, the new series is coming along well. I finished book 3 a few days ago. Next week I plan to start the 4th and likely final book in this new series. :)

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