Friday, May 9, 2014

I have reached my limit

That's right. I've reached my limit on crazy, self-righteous lunatics and their rude comments to me personally and about my books.

Why would they ever think it is appropriate to insult me on a personal level? If you don't like the book FINE. The book is a product. I am the creator of the product. Insult the book if you must, but leave me out of it.

What provoked this rant? I just had some idiot complaining about my menage collection AGAIN. This is someone else who is offended by the leading lady having multiple lovers. Are you freaking kidding me?! The book has MENAGE in the title. There is a warning label that says MENAGE. There is also a woman with TWO MEN featured on the cover. This collection is clearly marketed for what it is. I didn't lie about anything, nor did I try to hide what the content truly is. IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY MULTIPLE PARTNERS DO NOT READ A MENAGE NOVEL.

People know from the beginning what content they find offensive. If they buy a book anyway, KNOWING that it contains offensive-to-them content, they have no right to complain. They are the ones who chose to go there. It's not like I tracked them down and shoved it in their face. But what do they do if they don't like it? Oh, they track ME down and shove it in MY face!

I just had someone say that I needed to team up with someone who has a moral compass. Oh, and they spelled moral wrong. Seriously? You do realize that these stories are FICTION, right? I'm not writing about myself!

I GET SO PISSED OFF WHEN PEOPLE ASSUME I AM WRITING FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. THAT IS OUTRAGEOUS. Do they make the same assumption when someone writes about an axe murderer?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a threeway with Dracula and two werewolves scheduled at lunch today.


Larisa Edwards said...

Don't let the idiots of the world get to you. I agree what they did was wrong on so many levels, but unfortunately we have to put up with people that seem to search out things to complain and rant about. I personally love your books, and look forward to reading them. Keep up the good work. Your make some of us happier by giving us a well needed break from reality, with great erotic, romantic, fantasy.

Tracey H. Kitts said...

Thank you so much, Larisa. I really appreciate that. :)