Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Final Lilith book is finished and I'm taking a break. :)

I finished drafting the 7th and final book in the Lilith Mercury series this past Saturday. So, why am I just now blogging about it? Because my wrists hurt like hell. In fact, I'm going to make this post brief so I don't further aggravate them as they are recovering well.

The 6th book in the series, The Bleeding Heart, is still scheduled for release in October. Amazon can sometimes put things out early or a few hours later than intended, depending on when it is approved after being uploaded. But, I'm shooting for October 1, 2014.

After Dark, the 7th book, is scheduled for release January 2015. I had to write the last 20,000 words of this one with pen and paper because it hurt too much to type.

My plan is to take a few months off, and finish typing the end of the book in September. ;) After that, I'm going to let it sit until December. Why? So that I can look at it with fresh eyes and be sure it is everything it needs to be before it goes out in January. This is the end of the series, and I don't want to leave anything out.

In the meantime, I'm not typing anything except a few brief messages in email or on Facebook. :) If I feel like my wrists are doing REALLY well, I might blog again in a week or so.

This is the first break I've had between books in just over 4 years. I think I more than deserve it. Of course, that doesn't mean I get to sit on my ass. I just won't be writing. LOL

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D Smith said...

I hope at this time your wrists and brain have taken a much needed break. I thank you for being driven to get this series wrapped up with a pretty bow so sad to see this coming to a end. I have read the whole series 7 times and wished when I read the last page of the last page of the last book just a few more would pop up to hold me till Oct. Want my Dracula fix right now whine whine. Please do not let reviews get to you some people do this crap on purpose one can tell they did not read over what they were buying. Because ménage must not be a word they have ever seen before duh. I'm pissed because you get to have a 3 way with Dracula and I don't so not fair. Thank you for such a good series and hope the summer is relax time so we can see what you have under your hat for us in the next new book you will have for us.

Tracey H. Kitts said...

Thanks. :) My wrists are feeling better. My brain is coming along a little slower. LOL But the good news is, my stress level is gradually coming down.

I'm glad you are enjoying the series so far. October isn't so far off any more. ;)

I've got a short story coming out in an anthology next month, but no Lilith until October.

Time to refill my coffee cup and clean my house. LOL