Monday, August 1, 2011

I can't wait for Fall

My Facebook status right now reads, "I await the morning I wake up to that first taste of Fall just as eagerly as a first kiss."

It's true. I love Fall. I know a lot of people get depressed during that time of year. (Some even more near the holidays.) But I've always had a hard time imagining why. I suppose it all depends on where you live as well. In Florida, I can tell you I am glad to see the weather cool off. Summer time is horrible.

I overheard someone complaining recently that they were dreading Fall because "everything dies."

I thought, "But I come alive."

It's as if Mother Nature decides to wake up her color palate. Bright, fresh oranges and tones of gold and red spread over the landscape looking anything but dead. That's wonderful, but what really gets me is the change in the air. For just an instant while cleaning last week I "caught a whiff" of Fall and my mood brightened. I wasn't feeling bad, but I still found a way to feel better. I felt lighter.

There's a certain clarity of thought that I welcome when the wind is cool and the mornings are crisp. I love the smell of pine logs burning and the crackling of a warm fire. I love to bake. The smells of cinnamon, apples, and pears is soothing. And I LOVE pumpkins! I can't wait to buy my seeds this week and start planting.

October is my favorite month and I await it each year like a kid looking forward to Christmas. In October the weather starts to change, leaves begin to turn and there are tons of bright orange pumpkins:) It just makes my day each and every day.

I write more during the month of October than any other month because it's pretty obvious that the change in weather inspires me. More of my stories take place in the Fall-Winter months as well, simply because I like the cold.

If I lived some place where everything was always frozen and there was no color except for "snow white," I'm sure I would feel differently. But as it stands now ... I can't wait for my pumpkins to grow. And I can't wait for that first taste of Fall.


Lynn LaFleur said...

I agree with you 100%, Tracey. Autumn is my favorite season and I'm always so eager for it to arrive. It'll be even more welcome this year due to the horrible heat I've had all summer in Texas.


Tracey H. Kitts said...

It sounds like Texas is experiencing the same misery as Florida this summer. I agree, the change in seasons will be even more welcome this year:)