Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Trouble leaving comments

Is anyone else having trouble leaving comments with Blogger? Well, I sure am. I've been trying to reply to several here and keep getting "an unknown error has occurred." Blah. Whatever. Anyway, it's not that I don't have anything to say. LOL I just can't get the message to show up. But thanks for the comments everyone:) I'll eventually be able to respond.


ddurance said...

No worries, happens to the best of us! LOL


Tracey H. Kitts said...

Looks like things are working again. Woohoo! I have no idea why, but ever so often that happens to me. I have lots of trouble getting Blogger to work correctly.

Shame for such a simple program. Of course, a lot of it could be my crappy/unreliable internet service. LOL