Friday, January 23, 2009

And in other more positive news ....

I simply have to focus on something positive. I started out having a perfectly good day until I realized that the people mentioned below had not kept their word and removed my content from their site.

But, enough about those jerks. I just received a new contract! Woohoo! Just as soon as I can I'm putting it in the mail and Diary of an Incubus is officially under contract with New Concepts Publishing.

In light of this much improved news (and my desperate need to focus on something that doesn't raise my blood pressure) here is my happy dance. LOL

Hey, if I don't dance I go off like The Hulk sometimes. Seriously, I have anger issues. Couldn't you tell? LOL I try to keep it on a short leash, but the dog gets loose every now and then.

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