Monday, November 17, 2008

The point of no return, an excerpt from Original Sin

Original Sin is the fourth book in the Lilith Mercury: Werewolf Hunter Series by Tracey H. Kitts, Coming this December from New Concepts Publishing.

The day had started out beautiful, but on our way back storm clouds began to form. I touched Marco’s arm and sensed something different than I had expected. After what had happened with Peter, he was worried that I would be afraid of him now. Two men I had loved had now turned on me, one much more seriously than the other, and he was afraid I would expect the same thing from him. I pressed my face against his back to keep from crying, because I knew as I opened myself up more that Marco would have died the other day to save me. It was a price he went there willing to pay if he had to. He loved me without doubt, and I would never have to question his loyalty.

When we pulled back up, I made some tea and brought it out to where he sat on the porch. There are two white wicker chairs on the right side of my porch with a small matching table between. We sat there and talked and managed to just relax for a while. Believe it or not, The Big Bad Wolf likes blueberry tea.

As we sat there on the front porch talking, the storm was quickly approaching. So far, taking it slow was working for us. But as I looked at him I knew I had reached my limit. Marco was beyond a doubt the sexiest thing I’d ever seen. Alfred was handsome and well built. Dracula was enchanting with his near perfect, unearthly beauty. But Marco had a sexiness all his own to which they paled in comparison. Every thing about Marco was exactly as it should be. There was no part of him that did not appear as strong and masculine as the rest. My muscles began to tighten in response to his nearness, and I felt my fingers grip the wicker chair arm in response to the sensation. Marco must have seen me stiffen and misunderstood the reasoning behind it. He rose quickly. “I should go,” he said as he walked down the steps.

“Wait.” I grabbed his hand.

He looked dangerous as he glanced back at me. His eyes seemed to glow in the growing darkness. He had been so careful not to cross the line. Marco had been nothing if not patient with me, and the need he had managed to hide was now evident in his eyes. “Do you really want me to stay?” His rough sexy voice had already begun to deepen with the change. He was close to the bottom of the steps and I was near the middle. This made our height almost even. We both knew what would happen if he stayed. There was no point in pretending otherwise, not this time.

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