Monday, June 23, 2008

What I'm working on

People ask me fairly often what I do when I'm not writing. The truth is, I'm very seldom doing anything else. But the few moments I do have, I like to do something I consider fun. See, writing to me is fun. It's my ultimate escape and at the same time, my most fulfilling form of work. It's my creative outlet. It's what keeps me from going insane. If I didn't write, I'd just be a regular nutter, I suppose. LOL

So, right now, I just turned in book 4 in my series, Original Sin, to my editor. I'm almost finished editing (to my own specifications) book 5, A Dream Forbidden. (I point out that this edit is for myself because I'm much harder on me than an editor ever has been. Sometimes I'm my biggest fan, but mostly I'm my worst critic.)

As soon as I'm finished with that (in the next day or so) I'll send in book 5 and within the next week, start book 6, The Bleeding Heart. So far, I've got a 3 page outline for book 6:) After that, I've got a few ideas I'm playing with. I'll end up writing them all, I've just got to decide which one to write first:)

So .... that's what I'm up to.

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