Sunday, June 15, 2008

Once upon a time

Isn't that just the most perfect anticipatory statement? When I hear those words I instantly think about fairy tales. Princes who don't act like princesses and knights in shining armor. Holy shit, I've got to stop reading Shakespeare before I write something. LOL

I've been working on books four and five in my werewolf hunter series and I'm really sleepy right now. I'm probably rambling, but I need to take the time to work while I have it. I also needed to take five, so here I am:)

I wrote both books last year and am just now getting around to doing edits before I send them to my editor. I've finished editing book four (Original Sin) and am now reading it out loud to a friend of mine as a final check.

I'm also working on editing book five (A Dream Forbidden) and the scene I was just working on was breaking my heart, so I'm taking a break. Don't worry, it's not really sad. This one scene was just weepy in a romantic "oh my God I wish I could get my hands on him" sort of way. LOL

Well, I'd best get back to work. Good night:)

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