Thursday, April 17, 2008

Red is on Fictionwise!

Red was released Monday on Fictionwise and is already #29 in the Romance category! I'm so excited:)

For those of you who haven't purchased Red yet, you can do so now for 15% off.


Caffey said...

Hi Tracey! Its nice to meet you. I've been eyeing your books over at NCP and found your blog, so I hope to come again. Great that your book is on Fictionwise and hope it brings you more readers! I haven't had the joy to get yours yet but hope to do that soon!

Do you have a newsletter? And hope you feeling better.

Tracey H. Kitts said...

Thanks, caffey:)It's nice to meet you too. I don't have a newsletter that I send out, but I do regularly post updates/news to my blog and on the news page on my website.

I try to make it easy for people to keep up with me. LOL Thanks for checking out my books and I'm feeling much better. Thanks:)