Friday, October 23, 2015

Lots of exciting news! :)

First off, I just want to let everyone know that I'm still very much alive. LOL This past year has been rough for me and I realized that I've REALLY let my blogging go. Aside from personal and professional stresses of all kinds, I've been fighting the worst depression of my life. It's still strange for me to share that, but it's true and I see no reason to lie. There's still this stigma with depression, as if suffering through it makes you a head case. Well, the good news is, I'm improving. And the even better news is, this isn't a post about depression. Ha. Ha. I just want to catch everyone up with me and my life.

A few days ago, I got some wonderful news. Taming the Monster hit the USA Today Best Sellers list at #91. I can't wipe the smile off my face. Thanks so much to everyone who purchased this set and to all the authors in this set with me. I appreciate you all.

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I'm still in shock over this one. We had such fun planning these stories. Taming the Monster actually started out on a whim. It was just a fun conversation between a few authors. "Wouldn't it be fun to do some monster romance?" That was the basic idea. Boy did we ever run with it. And to list on USA Today? Woohoo! 

This is the second time I've hit the USA Today list. Both times I was in a set with some of the same incredibly talented writers. I'm very grateful to have reached this goal in my career.

Here's something else awesome that I finally got accomplished. By very popular demand, The Lilith Mercury series is now available in a "complete edition." All seven books in one boxed set.

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I've had a lot of people asking about this as well, and the wait is nearly over for the final book in the Bound by Blood series. Are you ready to see how things turn out for vampire hunter Nicole Austin and her two hot men?

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Releases November 1, 2015

As you all can see, I've been very, VERY busy. I've also been growing pumpkins! LOL But, I'll talk about that in another post. For now, I'm a little bit closer to being caught up and spending some time with friends and family.

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