Monday, October 21, 2013

My Awesome Graveyard Cake recipe

Yes, it's that time of year again. For those who might have missed it before, this is my semi-famous Graveyard/Ghost Cake recipe. :) The one in the picture above got a pumpkin patch added on. 

Get your ghost on

I love Halloween. Always have. When I was little I was fascinated by getting to dress up and be someone else (or my real self) for a day. I love the change in seasons, colors, the smell of spices and burning leaves. Not to mention, cooler weather. Ha. Ha. (If you didn’t know, I’m from Florida. We really appreciate cold fronts down here.)

All of my favorite things happen during the month of October, including my favorite holiday, Halloween. And of course it wouldn’t be the same without my ghost cake. This is actually a Graveyard Cake recipe that I’ve modified slightly. Since I can’t resist putting those cute little ghosts on mine, I call it a Ghost Cake.

Ingredients for your Graveyard/Ghost Cake 

Don’t forget to use your own imagination here. You can use whatever you like as a topping. I’ve seen everything from bloody graves (strawberry syrup) to witch hats made from candy corn. Plus, if you’re lactose intolerant (like me) you can make this using lactose free milk. It tastes just the same.

1 box Devils food Cake Mix, mixed and baked as directed

12 oz. Oreo Cookies, crushed

6-10 Oval shaped Butter Cookies (Pepperidge Farm Milanoes work well. I’ve also used chocolate wafers dipped in chocolate before too.)

White Icing

Chocolate Icing (or white with black food coloring to make a nice grey)
Assorted tubes of Cake Decorating Gel in Halloween colors
(orange, yellow, brown, etc.)

1 cup Candy Corn or Pumpkin Shaped Candies

Several small gummy worms (Or whatever you like)
Putting your Graveyard/Ghost cake together 

Bake cake according to package directions or recipe and let it cool completely.

Spread on the icing

Top with Crushed Oreo Cookies

Using gel frostings to write spooky and funny sayings on the top half of the cookies such as "BOO", "RIP", “ILMAO,” “B.A. GOUL,” etc.

Press the cookies halfway down into the cake here and there to resemble standing tombstones. Tilt a couple of them.

You can randomly place gummy worms around in your graveyard or whatever other candy you like.

If you want to do the ghosts, I put some white icing into a plastic bag and snip the tip. Squeeze out into little ghosts shapes (again randomly) over the cake. Remember, they don’t need to be perfect, just look like little ghosts. If they look kind of like snow men, don’t worry. Make a little point at the top of their heads by running a toothpick through the icing and pulling upward. TADA! You’re done!

Serves 8-12. 

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