Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th and Dracula

Friday the 13th has always been my lucky day. I think it started when I was little. I was sick of hearing people say, "Oh, I'm not going anywhere tomorrow, it's Friday the 13th," or some crap along those lines. So, I started to say, "It's my lucky day."

Having said that, I'm sure you all understand why I chose today to release my new book. Dracula: In the Flesh is more than just a new release, and not just because of sentimental reasons. This is a bit of a new venture for me. Dracula: In the Flesh is my first erotic horror novel and I have decided to release it under the name T.K. Hardin.

It's not the kind of pen name I have to keep strictly separate or that I want/need to hide. So, why a pen name at all? Because this story is different enough that I want to give some kind of signal. I do not want to offend my regular readers.

When I say there is horror, there is bloody, violent horror. Sometimes, it is mixed with eroticism, making it truly disturbing. I want people to know they are getting something different. There are elements of horror in many of my other books, but not like this.

I have put warnings in as many places as I could in regards to content. Ha. Ha. Ha. This is to avoid angry emails or reviews that say, "OMG! That was violent/scary! I didn't expect that!"

So, if you're ready for some violence, terror, and a haunting good love story, give Dracula: In the Flesh a try. Did I mention how freaking sexy Dracula is? Do I really need to?

Jonathan Harker, a young English lawyer, is traveling to Castle Dracula in order to finalize a real estate transaction. He has been personally requested by Count Dracula. What Jonathan doesn't realize is that Dracula’s interests do not lie with him, but with his beautiful fiancĂ©e, Mina.

As soon as he saw her face, Dracula knew the ritual was a success. After all these long years, his love has returned to him. However, many things (such as Van Helsing and Jonathan Harker) stand in the way of their happiness. Sure, he could kill them all and take what he wants. However, his greatest desire is not to possess Mina, but to love her and have her return his love.

Therefore, Dracula’s fate and the fate of those closest to her lie in Mina’s hands. She has dreamed of him all her life. But what will she do when she learns her dark prince is real? What will happen when she knows him, not as a dream, but in the flesh?

WARNING: This book contains graphic violence, and graphic sex. This is NOT a romance novel, although there is a romance involved. This is Erotic Horror and might offend some readers.

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