Monday, February 13, 2012

Once Upon A Time has ruined Prince Charming.

Yes, I know this blog usually has material about writing. But, I also have listed at the top that there will be rants. I love the new TV series, Once Upon A Time. I haven't missed an episode. There are no spoilers here unless you haven't seen the show at all. With that in mind, I plan to share what's pissing me off.

I suppose you could say (in a way) that this is about writing. It's about taking a well-known and loved character and turning him into a complete asshole. The way they did a re-write of Charming in Shrek was funny. This is not.

I realize that this is a series and they still have a ways to go. Naturally, there will be obstacles since the curse prevents everyone from living happily ever after. Still, bearing that in mind ... Do they have to make Prince Charming such a freaking jerk?!

He's awful! The writers have taken everything that was good and decent about the character and totally ruined him. Yes, they've taken a creative license here and in most cases there's nothing wrong with that. However, Prince Charming is a classic character. When you say his name, there are certain things that come to mind. People expect these things. You know, like charm for one thing. Heck, it's part of his name. Or what about decency and honor? And let's not forget faithfulness.

Let me explain a little better what I'm talking about. (For the purposes of this rant, I'm assuming everyone is familiar with the subject matter.) Example 1 - He led Snow White on. This was painful to watch, but an actual interesting twist. He chose to stay with his wife. (Midas' daughter) Okay. Fine. Now be man enough to live with that choice. (Until the writers work something else out.)

Example 2- After he's already made his choice, he can't stick with it. He continues to lead Snow on. And (to me this is the most painful) we find out that his wife thinks she might be pregnant. Seriously?! He's telling Snow how he has feelings for her and all the while he's doing Midas' daughter as much as he wants? "Yeah, baby, I love you. That's why I keep getting into bed with her." It goes beyond not being fair. Life isn't fair. I get that. He's an asshole.

Example 3 - After they find out that his wife isn't pregnant, he starts having an affair with Snow. In her defense, Snow White turned him down several times. The problem is, she loves him and you can only deny yourself something you want for so long.

Example 4 - He makes his wife believe that he wants to "make this right" and work things out with her. In this conversation she tells him flat out that she wants children. He not only goes along with it, but agrees to see a counselor. All the while, he's telling Snow that he loves her.

I think I've proven my point. The writers of this series have turned Prince Charming into a lying, cheating piece of shit. Sorry. I tried to choose my words more politely, but it didn't get the point across. They have ruined this character. I watch each week in the hopes that he will die.

Well, that and I have a crush on Rumplestiltskin. LOL

*deep breath* Okay. Rant over. Let's all continue with our regularly scheduled lives. Shall we?


Michelle Louise Pratley said...

I'm so glad that the show isn't out in the UK yet (plus I can't watch TV cause my dad mucked up the signal *sighs*)!

I can't believe that they destroyed Prince Charming :O That is beyond shocking to me! I use to have a crush on Prince Charming when I was a little girl and I keep hoping that I'll meet my Prince Charming. Sadly that won't happen because all guys are jerks lol

Tracey H. Kitts said...

The show is still worth watching, but I do feel they've ruined Prince Charming. Especially for those who might have at some point dreamed of him. LOL

Luckily for me, I dreamed of someone more like Rumplestiltskin. LOL

T said...

Ok, I get what your saying about Prince Charming and I agree with some of it, he is leading Snow on. But you have to remember that he isn't really Charming. They made him his twin.
And yes the wife thing is Bullshit(pardon my language) but i have a feeling there is more to that then anyone knows. She was found rather quick by the Queen. In the flash backs he left Midas's daughter to be with Snow. In the Flash backs, he's great. In their new reality he is an ass.
I still have hope for Charming. but you have to remember that is is ABC so, i have a feeling we are in for more charming hate moments before we get to the we love him again moments.

T said...

Rumplestiltskin the good man turned bad. What's not to find hot

Tracey H. Kitts said...

I have noticed they're calling him "David," the name of the dead twin. The one Snow fell in love with was "James."

Maybe in this reality, both are still alive and Prince Charming is still out there ... and not a douchebag. LOL

Veronica Scott said...

I'm glad you said it because after last night's episode I was feeling the same! A bad magic spell only goes so far to excuse the man's behavior! Good point someone made about the name though - maybe the writers are pulling something. I HOPE!

Passionate Bookworm said...

COMPLETELY AGREE . seriously. there is nothing I would change about your rant, I want to smack charming and the writers many times over. ALSO ... After the beauty and the beast episode... I may also have a slight crush on Rumpelstiltskin as weird as it may be! i want more!

Kyn said...

So happy to find that i'm not the only one to think Prince Charming isn't Charming at all!! :P