Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hard at work:)

I wanted to take a minute and let everyone know I haven't abandoned my blog. A lot has been going on lately. I'm trying (if I can find the funding) to get ready to go back to school. The fact of the matter is I need a day job if I'm going to survive. The jobs I've been trained to do have basically disappeared in the area where I live. So, it's back to school for me.

I'm working on two new books. One is an erotic paranormal romance. The other is my very first erotic horror. I would say more, but I don't want to jinx it:) The erotic horror project is something very dear to my heart. I've wanted to work on this particular project for a very long time and am so excited that I want to squeal when I think about it. I just hope I do the story justice.

Other than that, I got a new dog;) He's so freaking cute! He's also a handful. lol Everyone else I know is having babies. I got a dog. He poops less, is easier to potty train, and doesn't destroy my house when I'm not looking. HAHAHA. Don't be offended. I'm just joking.

Besides the puppy, I haven't been online that much lately because for the past two weeks something has made me really sick. It seems that no matter what I eat I'm up every morning by 4:30 sick as a hell. No, I'm not pregnant. And yes, I'm certain of that. I can only assume it's one of my food allergies acting up. I've just got to figure out which one:(

Well, I suppose that about covers it. I just finished some interview questions and now I'm off to work on my latest project.

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