Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday Thirteen

Today I decided to participate in the Thursday Thirteen for the very first time:) Since I'm new to this, I wasn't sure if I should post on the same topic as other people or just come up with something else. So, I decided to do my own thing and make it fun. This is a list of thirteen comic book characters that I would have sex with if given the chance. LOL

Yes, I'm a nerd. Go ahead and laugh. Btw, the order they're listed in is not necessarily how I'd pick 'em. hahahaha

1. The Joker - Yes, I know. Go ahead and make fun. He's my own madness magnified and I've always thought that was sexy.

2. Batman - Not sure why, but I gotta have him. I think it might be all the black body armor. Or maybe it's the cape.

3. Wolverine - Hell yeah. All rough and rugged and manly.

4. Mr. Fantastic - I just want to see if everything stretches, okay?

5. Magneto - Yes, he's wicked. But half the time I agree with him. It's not so much his appearance, but his attitude that I find just flat sexy.

6. Iron Man - He's a jerk for sure, but he's a hot one. lol

7. Big Daddy - That's right, I'm talking about the guy from the movie Kick Ass. Besides the fact that he was played by Nicholas Cage, I think the character was kinda hot. I know some would argue that this isn't a real superhero, blah, blah, blah. But, it's my list and I want Big Daddy on it. So, HA!

8. Dare Devil - Loving that tight red suit:)

9. Hell Boy - Seriously, there's just something about him. I love his attitude too.

10. Blade - If he's just like Wesley Snipes, need I say more?

11. Beast - This is the blue guy from X-Men. Once again, it's mostly his mind I'm attracted to. I'd always have someone to talk to. I also don't mind all the hair. lol

12. Night Owl - I know he's from Watchmen and that's a graphic novel, not a comic. Get over it, he goes on the list too. lol

13. Jonah Hex - That's right, the face doesn't bother me. But, he'd have to be the Josh Brolin incarnation:) That man is sexy as hell, even with half a face.

Now that everyone's had a good laugh, care to participate? Blog your own Thursday Thirteen and leave me a link in the comments:)

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