Saturday, November 20, 2010

Don't judge me by my myspace

I'm still around, just not on myspace. lol I've been working really hard to get new books finished and others in the works. If you've sent me a message through myspace, I will answer eventually, I promise. The best way to contact me if you have questions about books and such is through the link on my website I check that usually once a week at least. I'm rarely on myspace simply because it won't load half the time and even when it does at least half of the features don't work. Thanks to these non-working features, I haven't been able to keep my page updated. Hopefully, I'll get to change that soon:)

Anyway, enough complaining about myspace. I just signed another contract with Ellora's Cave:) It's for a book called Fate's Embrace. It's got a sexy wizard and a wicked hot werewolf. And right smack in the middle? Well, we've got a witch who had no idea this is where she'd end up.

After I submitted Fate's Embrace (before I got the new contract) I also submitted a new work to New Concepts Publishing. It's called Three Days of Night. It's a futuristic paranormal. It takes place 300 years in the future when vampires are an endangered species.

Like I said, busy, busy, busy. Once again, I apologize to those of you who have been waiting on a message. Most of the time that feature does not load on myspace no matter how hard I try. But I love hearing from readers and I thank you so much for taking the time to write to me.

Well, I've started to ramble. Guess I'm off to watch some of The Shield. Is it just me or is Vic Mackey kinda sexy? lol

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