Tuesday, July 14, 2009


After getting into a brief discussion about Watchmen and the scene I found incredibly sexy, I had the urge to hear the song from that scene. Last night I listened to Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah a couple of times before I went to bed ... and the ideas wouldn't stop.

I've got almost an entire story in my head today. All I've got to do is start making notes. Though, I made a few last night.

That is such a sexy song. It has so many meanings. It's the fall of King David as well as the fall of man. It's a joyful noise before the Lord. It's a broken word of praise, stolen from the lips of a broken man. It's beautiful and sexy at the same time. And the way they use the song in Watchmen is what I call "borderline blasphemous," and still I loved it.

Man, do I ever have ideas today. I'm still planning to take a short break before finishing that space opera I was working on. Maybe this new idea will be next. For now, I'm calling it The Invitation.

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