Thursday, June 18, 2009

Something funny and a bit of good news

I've had a hard time writing lately. As some of you may know, my grandfather recently passed away. Since then I have had several other family members who have had health problems as well. Things are looking better last I heard for everyone. But, it's hard to write romance when you are concerned about things like that.

I'm just now beginning to clear my head and get back to work on that space opera of mine. Which is going quite well when I get a minute to work on it:)

I wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who has helped to make Bitten such a success. Bitten is continuing to climb over at Fictionwise and it's all thanks to you:) This is the most successful book I've written so far and despite everything else that has been going on, I am thrilled.

Now, for the something funny I promised. Watch at your own risk. LOL Here's the basic story ... Batman is here to end Joker's crime wave ... but he had too many shrooms. Hey, I said I'd been trying to clear my head, comedy helps me do that:)

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