Saturday, June 6, 2009

Good news and sad

Bitten is the #3 bestseller for NCP at Fictionwise and the #1 highest rated. Plus, it's #41 in the Erotica category. Holy crap! I have never had a book do this well at Fictionwise. I am so excited. Looks like my readers and I are on the same page because I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book. Thanks so much to everyone who has helped to make Bitten such a success. I really do appreciate your support:)

This couldn't have come at a better time to cheer me up. My grandfather passed away yesterday. The funeral will be tomorrow. I'm still not sure how to react. We knew it was coming, but that doesn't make it easier. I was just so glad to have some good news to report. And yet ... it seems morbid to enjoy life sometimes when faced with the reality of death. My grandpa had already had so many strokes that he wasn't really where I could tell him about my writing career once it got started. But I know he would have been proud of me. As would all of my relatives who have already passed on. Their blood and creativity live on through me and in their own way, through our memories and DNA, they have found immortality.

Pa was a man who enjoyed life's simple pleasures and I really don't think he'd mind that I'm happy about my book sales today. Happiness is a choice and truly a simple pleasure.

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