Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Join my werewolf clan


Have you ever wanted Bade to bite you? Well, now's your chance. LOL I've become addicted to BiteFight and would love for you guys to join my clan (Canis Romulus).

Click this link to be bitten:

And this is the link to my clan:

I'm honestly not sure how to join the clan, since I didn't join one, I started my own. LOL

Here is the clan description. Some of you may recognize this. My son helped me write it. heehee

Wolf pack for members in the Deep South. (US) Though we are open to foreign members. We seek to maintain peace among werewolves, though any vampire is fair game. We shall fong them until their insides are out, there outsides are in, until their intrails become their ex-trails .... PAIN, lots of pain ...Come my breatheren, help us expand our teritory!

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