Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Editing and Insomnia

For once, I'm glad I can't sleep. I just got back Bitten for a final read through and I am enjoying this story so much. Since it's been several months since I finished it, I can read it now with fresh eyes. And I love it.

It's so easy to fall for the characters all over again. As you may have guessed from some of the excerpts, the main female character, Sandra, is involved with more than one vampire. One is a former Scottish patriot who fought alongside William Wallace. Another used to be a sword maker about a hundred years ago in England and the last ... is actually my favorite. He's a bit wicked, but I love him even more for it. I won't give away his history, but I will tell you that he's a historical figure that I have always been fascinated with.

I can only hope that everyone who reads the book falls in love with it the way I have. I'm not saying any of this to brag ... more to explain why I like to write and how much I have loved this book. A little bit of me goes into everything I write and I think this story got a slightly bigger portion than usual. I'll probably finish the entire edit tonight. I just can't stop myself.

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