Monday, December 22, 2008

Economic woes and a bit of encouragement

News in general about the economy right now is to say the least, depressing. It seems to be particularly bad for the publishing industry. Considering that I'm a writer, that's really depressing. I would think that since people are having to cut out extras and that going to the movies is more expensive than reading a book, cut out the movies and read a book. It's a cheaper form of entertainment. I'm having to cut out extras too so I understand. I couldn't tell you the last time I went out for dinner and a movie. It's more like pay the light bill, and did they just repossess my trash can? (Long story)

Anyway, it can all get you down if you let it. It seems like at least once a week I hear about another large publisher laying off employees. People just aren't buying books. Although on the plus side, I have heard that ebook sales are rising. But the industry on the whole is taking a heavy hit.

For all my fellow authors out there, keep writing. Someone said to me the other day that if publishers are in such bad shape, then maybe they shouldn't submit their story. Maybe no one will want to take a chance on something new right now. I told them to submit it anyway. Don't ever question the value of your work. At a time like this, when things are so depressing, I read to escape. If I'm not working on my next book, I'm usually reading. Those words you put onto paper mean something to somebody. So, don't ever stop what you do ... even if you think no one wants to read it.

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