Thursday, August 7, 2008

Red is out in print!

The first book in my Werewolf Hunter Series has been a bestselling ebook and is now available in print. I can't even put into words how excited I am.

RED by Tracey H. Kitts (Futuristic/Paranormal Romance)
A Hunter from the planet Terra, the last thing Lilith Mercury needs is to find her way into Hunter-turned- Werewolf, Marco Barak's, bed, but she finds it harder and harder to resist the man she should only think of as an enemy. Sensuality: SENSUAL

Just click on the link above to purchase a copy. Cause I know you guys want to buy my book, right? Just be sure to select whether you want a download (ebook) or trade paperback (a book about the size of one of the Harry Potter books) instead.

You can read some excerpts of Red and the other books in the series on my website

Oh, and forward this to all your friends:)

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