Friday, July 25, 2008

I can't sleep so I'm talking about Batman?

Insomnia is a hell of a thing. I don't suffer from nightmares or delusions or stomach upset or any other numerous things I could imagine to keep me up. I feel fine, other than being so freaking sleepy. There is absolutely no reason for me to be up this damn early. None.

However, when one cannot sleep, one tends to find interesting things. Or maybe I'm just so tired that I think they're interesting. Anyway, I found this interesting thing because a friend of mine emailed it to me. It's an article about why Batman matters and I really enjoyed it. I also really enjoyed The Dark Knight. Don't worry, I'm not going to give anything away.

The article makes a good point. We are in need of a hero and it's about damn time that someone stepped up to the plate. I have long disagreed with the people who feel like there are no such things as heroes or that we as a society do not need them. Some people will argue that heroes make us feel bad about ourselves or that we aren't sheep so we don't need someone to follow, that we are our own leaders.

I don't think heroes are meant for any of those purposes. We all, myself included, need something greater than ourselves to aspire to. I will freely admit that I can see The Joker's point of view. Hell, that was my nickname way back when:) Now, don't panic. I'm not going to start wearing purple and killing people. Okay, so I already wear purple, but you get my point. Take this in context. My point is that my first response to many stressful situations is ... chaos for lack of a better word. My gut reaction is often not pleasant in the slightest. But if I give myself one moment, just a second or two to think about it I end up doing the right thing. Even or maybe especially when I don't want to.

Why? Because I think of my heroes both real life and in the comics and know that they would do the right thing. Knowing what they would do sometimes makes the right thing easier to spot. We need more people to help figure these right things out. Otherwise, I'll let you borrow my purple robe:)

Holy crap I need some sleep! LOL

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