Monday, January 7, 2008

The Shoes

This short, yet thought provoking story was given to me by someone who wished to make an anonymous contribution to my blog.

The Shoes

There once was a young man, looking for the right pair of shoes. He had worn shoes, but they were ordinary shoes.

One day this young man saw a wonderful pair of shoes. A few days later he had the chance to talk to the shoes.

The shoes agreed to be his. After a few weeks the young man fell madly in love with the shoes. He did everything within his power to make the shoes happy.

As time passed he knew that these shoes were very special. But he soon learned that even these shoes had flaws.

Every time an old acquaintance came to town the shoes would discard the young man. Soon the shoes left in search of other feet.

After being passed from foot to foot, laced and un-laced many times, the shoes longed for the young man again.

The young man had found another pair of shoes, but he still loved the wonderful shoes with all his heart.

After the shoes reunited with the young man, he knew he loved the shoes very much, but they were no longer special.

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