Friday, December 28, 2007

What is your gift?

I got one of the best books I've read in years for Christmas this year. It's called, "Become a better you," by Joel Osteen. Now, I can see some of you cringing. This is not a religious post. I have found this book to be truly inspiring. It has opened my eyes to things which were right in front of me, but I failed to see.

Each of us has a gift. Whether it's writing, or architecture, or teaching, whatever. We all have a gift inside of us that God intended to be shared with the world. How amazing is that? According to Joel, and many others I have heard phrase this similarly, when you are working in your destiny you can feel it. You know that this is what you were always meant to do.

That's how I feel when I write. This is what I was always meant to do with my life. I can't imagine a time when I didn't want to write, or I didn't have a story to tell. That is my gift, my treasure, and I long to share it with the world. True, not everyone will accept or understand what I have to say. But many will, and it's for them that I write.

I don't write for the critics who judge so easily and I don't write for the skeptics that say you can't achieve your dreams. I write for the dozens of readers who have emailed me to say how much they enjoyed my work. I write for the aspiring authors who might find some small spark of inspiration in someone else's perseverance. I write for everyone who has ever longed to see their dream come to fruition. I write because it is my dream.

I sincerely believe that we have what we say we'll have and that we get what we expect. I expect good things in this new year and I wish the same for you. Don't let this be the year that you almost wrote that book, or you almost applied for that job you really want. Let this be the year that you took one step closer to sharing your gift with the world and fulfilling your dream.

From the bottom of my heart I wish you more love than your heart can hold, more success than you can manage, and more money than you can shake a stick at. LOL Seriously, I'd like to thank everyone who has both inspired and encouraged me during this past year. Here's to the New Year, may it be more prosperous than the last!

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