Friday, May 25, 2007

Vampires vs Werewolves, which side will you take?

I'd like to know which you prefer. This could be in terms of sex appeal, or just a fair (or unfair) fight. Do you think vampires are sexy? Why? Or do you just love a man with a hairy chest? So what if he has his own time of the month? Let me know what you think. This question goes for men or women, depending on your preference. If you've got time, take a minute to let us know why you feel the way you do.


Dani Harper said...

Where do I vote for the hairy chest? I'm definitely against the current trend of guys waxing their bods --- I like the very primal maleness of chest hair. (Gee it's hot in here...LOL)

I love weres, lycans, shapeshifters, changelings... Of course, my view of werewolves is different from the usual uncontrollable killer stereotype. I see it as more of a terrific gift, a being in touch with nature and in tune with the animal within.

Shawna said...

I agree with Dani! Werewolves are the epitome of verile masculinity combined with a sensuality that makes them irresistible.
Consider Hugh Jackman in VanHelsing (werewolf)and Tom Cruise in interview w/ Vamp, who would you choose?
I prefer the loyal yet sometimes moody warmblooded man over the devious coldblooded one any day of the week. A vampire is great for a one night stand (assuming you don't get bitten) while a werewolf is the man you want beside you everyday.

Tracey H. Kitts said...

I agree with you both. LOL Wait till you read about my character Marco. He is the embodiment of raw animal sensuality, and he doesn't wax his chest! Sorry, Dani, I'm just teasing you. I also am against the current waxing craze.

As for vampires, I like them too. No offense to Tom Cruise, but he's not the sexiest vamp I've ever seen. I was thinking more along the lines of Gary Oldman's Dracula. It's not that he was so good looking, it was more his attitude that did it for me.

I could go either way really. Or, why not have them both? Now there's a fantasy ... and maybe a new plot twist. LOL

Thanks for commenting:)

Kate Hill said...

I like both, but if I had to choose I'd take a vampire with a hairy chest. I'm all for hairy chests! My favorite vampires are ones from an alien species, so they're not cursed or dead, just a different kind of animal. :-)

Kimbermichaela said...

I vote hairy chest, They have this animal- ness, with more desire, hunger and lust, to offer a female.
the whole shapeshifting things curls my toes, they are 2 parts to make one creature- the best of both worlds. They have more at stake, then Vamps, becuz they change form (no pun intended
they have raw ness, but will protect to the end-
Make great cuddle partners in the winter- LOL
hugh has it all over tom - imo

PJ said...

I prefer the vamps, but I guess I've watched too much Buffy/Angel...