Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Frankenstein: Unleashed

Here are all the details on my upcoming release, Frankenstein: Unleashed. I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book. It was a little scary sometimes how easy it was for me to get into the mind of Victor Frankenstein. He was actually the easiest character to write about. I'm not sure what that says about me, but I hope readers enjoy the story. On a side note, I am very proud of the way this cover turned out. I think it's one of my best yet. :)


Elizabeth has kept her family secret well. As the last in a long line of witches, her dreams are prophetic. And Elizabeth dreams of murder. She knows that men are being killed exactly as she sees in her visions, but she has no means to stop their slaughter. Her dreams are not the only thing troubling her. With an engagement to Victor Frankenstein that has lasted for years, she has begun to believe that her destiny lies elsewhere. That destiny is revealed in her dreams in one instant and taken away in the next. Grief-stricken and afraid, she follows where her heart leads … to the body of Victor’s latest experiment.

Scarred at a young age by the death of his beloved mother, Victor Frankenstein has become fascinated with the possibility of bringing the dead back to life. After years of secret research, he has achieved some small measure of success. Though, he should have been more careful when he chose his last victim.

For Elizabeth accidentally gives life to the creation that Victor could not. He awakens with no memory, a body not his own, and only the name that she gives him … Lucian.

Warning: This story contains graphic violence, sex, and some graphic language.


Anonymous said...

Oh, this sounds interesting! I've always found Frankenstein fascinating. I know Mom would've wanted to check it out. Missing her very much right now.

By the way, I'll be trying that wrap tomorrow or Friday. Got all the ingredients gathered. I feel like I'm about to perform some kind of spell! LOL Goodness knows, I need the boost!


Tracey H. Kitts said...

Thanks, Lily. :) I hope the wrap works for you. It was a lot of fun. After researching different kinds and ingredients, I made up my own recipe. I've used it a few times now. The last time, I measured before and after and I lost 1 inch in my waist. Plus, it made my skin feel great.