Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Coming Attractions

I am officially caught up for a short while. To be more precise, I'm about 2 months ahead of schedule with releases and re-releases. My brand new book, is in the hands of my writing partner for edits. I've just finished re-editing Till the Break of Dawn and adding about 3,000 words of new content. Till the Break of Dawn is finished, formatted, and ready to go. Expect this one the first week in September, 2013.

Book details: Thanks to a bet with her best friend, Dawn is about to get involved with the undead love of her life for the second time. So what if he's immortal. It could work, right? 

Warning: This book contains graphic sex, graphic language, and one smoking hot vampire.

I'm about to start working on Three Days of Night. I'm hoping to add content to this one as well. But, that all depends on if the characters have anything new to say. LOL Expect this one in December, 2013, probably the week before Christmas.

Book details: Vivian didn’t have the power nor the desire to resist the sexy djinn when he said, “Let me give you clarity. For three days your life will be on pause. The sun will not rise and your ship will not make port. Everything will appear to continue, only it will not. Enjoy these moments … Get to know me if you like. These three days are my gift to you. Should you desire more, all you have to do is ask.” 

Warning: This book contains graphic sex (with multiple partners), and graphic language. Oh, and did I mention the wicked sexy djinn? Yeah, he needs a warning all his own.

I did the cover art on both of these myself. The more I do, the more I love making covers.

I will have more updates soon, and more blog posts. It's summer vacation here and we are enjoying it while we can.

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