Monday, May 6, 2013

Amazon, stress, and low sales

Many of you may have heard of Amazon blocking erotica (and erotic romance) from it's "All Category Search." After learning of this, I changed the categories on almost all of my books. The result? I've experienced an extreme drop in sales!

So, I went back today and changed them all to their original categories. If Amazon chooses to label these books as "adult" and exclude them from general searches, so be it. I was reaching more of my intended audience when the books were in the proper category. Even though my stories are "romance," putting them in that category (that is overcrowded already) made them disappear. 

Hopefully, sales will improve after these changes go into effect. 

I've also been stressing (and trying desperately not to) about the fact that I no longer have any sales to speak of on any other sites. Amazon has become the ONLY place that I make any money. Has anyone else experienced this? I make a little bit on Barnes & Noble, but my sales have never been high there. I make almost nothing on Smashwords; that hasn't changed. And most months I make nothing at all on All Romance Ebooks. I used to earn nearly as much there each month as I did on Amazon. That really bothers me, because I don't understand the change. I have no way of finding any data to know why this drastic change happened. Is no one shopping there? Are all authors noticing a decline in sales? Or do I just suck?

All I know to do is move forward. I've even considered pulling my books from other sites to enroll them in the Kindle Select Program once more. However, KDP had no real benefit that I found, other than being able to run specials on your books, like giving them away for free. I never noticed that this increased sales in the slightest. So, that idea may be worthless. Plus, I'd have to go to the trouble of pulling my books from other sites. Bleh. I don't know what to do.

I fully believe in the Law of Attraction. I believe that you get what you expect to get. I also believe that if you focus on negative things, you will attract more negative things into your life. Therefore, I'm going to post this blog and focus on something that makes me feel great, like my next book. 

I'm going to do something that makes me smile, focus on that, and try not to worry about how I'm going to pay my bills. 


Susana Ellis said...

Tracey, your blog reminded me that there is some dispute with iTunes too. When my story (a Blush Cotillion) wasn't up there months after its release, I asked the EC Etailer Dept what was up. I was told that there is some dispute between EC and Apple, that Apple wants to be known as a "family friendly" site.

While older EC titles are on iTunes, newer releases are not. At least not the ones I checked. So it appears that Amazon is not the only company into censorship.

jeannie said...

hi tracey, just seen on facebook that another author selena kitt (any relation) talking about the same thing and saying how abitrary amazon system is . lets hope they see sense soon!

Tracey H. Kitts said...

Wow. I did not know that about iTunes, Susana.

Nope, Jeannie, I'm not related to Selena Kitt. (My last name is spelled with an "s.") Although her post was very interesting. ;)

I agree. I hope Amazon comes to their senses. It is ridiculous to sensor the genre that makes the most money.