Sunday, December 18, 2011

My first cover art design and why I'm doing this

Before I share the next step of my project, I'd like to clear something up. I am not self-publishing this book because I have no other option. Some people seem to have gotten the impression that no one wants my story and that's why it's being self-published.

That's not true at all. I've had 15 novels, 3 novellas, and 1 short story, all traditionally published. You know, by a publisher. I submitted my work, they offered me a contract, etc. Everything I've ever finished has been published.

Frank and The Werewolf Tamer has never been submitted to a publisher, anywhere at any time. This story was written specifically for this business venture. Make no mistake, that's exactly what this is.

In the on-going attempt to survive and pay my bills, I've decided to self-publish some of my work. I love what I do and I sincerely enjoy providing entertainment for readers. However, I also want to make more money and be able to offer readers a cheaper price at the same time. People deserve a bargain and I deserve to keep a roof over my head.

These reasons are what led me down this road, not rejection.

Now that that's cleared up, I'd like to share with everyone my very first cover art design. I used a combination of Photoshop, Paint, and Microsoft Picture Manager to create the desired effects. By the way, that's the edge of my back yard in the background.

For those interested in learning how to make their own cover art, there are dozens of "how to" videos on youtube. That's where I've picked up a lot. Until a few weeks ago, I'd never used Photoshop in my life.


roro said...

great/lov shifters/werewolves

rogier c . aka roro

Tracey H. Kitts said...

Thanks:) There are werewolves in this story, but the main character is a vampire. Just FYI for everybody.

I'm almost finished with edits. Hopefully, Frank and The Werewolf Tamer will be out right after Christmas.


Misa said...

I like your blending, but the title doesn't sit right imo. Maybe a cartouche or even just a block?

Best of luck with it!

Lacey Wolfe said...

you did great!

Tracey H. Kitts said...

Thanks everyone for the comments:) I placed the title exactly where it is on purpose. It may not look right to everyone, but it's what I meant to do:)

I do appreciate the feedback though, so please don't take my comment the wrong way.