Thursday, October 20, 2011

My muse is fired up:)

The weather is cooler which means as usual my muse is getting hot. I have more ideas and end up writing more stories from fall-winter than any other time of year. I think that once the heat lifts my brain fog clears up.

I just finished a short story that's coming soon with Ellora's Cave. It's called Touch of an Incubus.

Plus, I couldn't put one of my novel-length projects on hold any longer. (I'd paused to let my mind rest when school started back.) I'm now working again on Shaman's Touch. It got a sexy shaman, a club full of hot werewolves, and an elf that's to die for. Oh, and did I mention a sexy demi-god that asks for carnal favors in return for answering questions?

Oh yeah. It's complicated. AND it's about halfway finished. Hopefully, my editor (and eventually my readers) will have as much fun reading it as I've had writing it.

Just wanted to give everyone a short update. Oh, almost forgot, my pumpkins are looking great!

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