Friday, May 20, 2011

Farewell Macho Man

Many of you may have already heard the news, “Macho Man” Randy Savage is dead. His life was claimed by a car accident early this morning in Tampa, Florida. Reports say he suffered a heart attack behind the wheel; he was only 58 years old. I for one, will miss him. Even though I haven’t watched wrestling in years, some of my best memories as a kid are from watching him. Me and my dad (much to my mother’s dislike Ha Ha) would get in front of the TV and watch wrestling every week. I loved Macho Man’s bright outfits and to this day cannot hear someone say “Oh, Yeah!” without thinking of him.

Yes, I know there was much more to him than this. He was a real man with a real life. But what he represents to me is good memories of time spent with my dad, and funny impersonations by my older cousins. My point is … his performances mattered. And thanks to him I have some great memories to look back on.

I offer my sincere condolences to his friends and family. Please don’t think of this post as irreverent. I’m remembering him for doing what he loved. Isn’t that what most people would want after they pass on?

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