Thursday, July 29, 2010

The character I identify with most

Okay, I know I should let it go and I promise to get over it soon. The review mentioned in the post below just REALLY bothered me. I'm sure if you read the post that my reasons are obvious. The reviewer calls the book a "Mary Sue" saying that I'm the main character Jewel and then goes on to call her "uninteresting."

Gee, thanks a lot. So, in all fairness I took another look at the story. I already knew that I'm nothing like Jewel. But as I re-read the book I remembered how much fun it was to write Alucard. How I never had to second guess what he would do because I already knew ... because he was the character I most identified with in the story. If it is a Mary Sue in any sense then at least cast me as the proper character. I am Alucard. And his shadow that makes vulgar gestures behind his back. lol I'm sarcastic, have a warped sense of humor, and often dress in black. I also like long coats and have a few in my wardrobe. He's ME for crying out loud. Oh, and I've fantasized about being the boogeyman. lol Probably TMI. Sorry.

One more thing I forgot about Vincent, he transforms into a gargoyle. Yeah, nothing like Jean-Claude, like I already said. Just because one vampire in another book was sexy doesn't mean they made sexy famous.

But after reading the story again and seeing so much of myself in Alucard, it does mean I might need therapy. LOL

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