Thursday, April 8, 2010

He insulted my readers

The rudeness I mentioned yesterday is much worse than I at first thought. When I first read his email I'll admit I was steamed. So much in fact that I skimmed the middle (which was full of snide remarks) and attempted to find the point.

As I read it more closely today (thinking that perhaps I overreacted) I not only found that I'd had the correct response (in my opinion) but that this person also insulted my readers. That is low, really low.

Here is what he said, "I am just as liable to pull in as many like-minded nuckleheads with those character viewpoints as I may alienate those who do not appreciate the comments. Case in point, your writing."

Normally I don't let an angry email or some idiot upset me this much. Actually, I've never gotten an angry email from someone about my work and only one from an unfriendly author.

I think this upsets me so much because I used to work with this person and thought they would be happy that I was published and could maybe offer them a hand. But apparently he'd rather leave teeth marks on my hand and insult my wonderful readers. Btw, those of you I've met or have received letters from are just about the nicest people ever:)

Anyway, I'll get over it. I just wanted people to see a "clip" of what had me so upset. You know, so you guys won't think I'm crazy or anything.

Oh, and he misspelled knucklehead.

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