Monday, September 3, 2007

The Man of My Dreams - CONTEST

As some of you may already know, Marco, one of the main characters in my debut novel Red was inspired by a dream. So were many other characters in the series. I keep a dream journal and often refer to it for inspiration.

What this post is about is finding out about the man of your dreams. Is he tall, dark, and handsome? Does he need to have a winning smile? Or do you look more for personality? If you could have your choice, would he be a werewolf? Or do you dream of the more "cold blooded" type?

Let us know what you think. Everyone who replies to this post will be entered to win a copy of Red, book one in the Lilith Mercury: Werewolf Hunter Series.

I know you've got dreams (or fantasies if you prefer) so, let's hear them. You can say as much or as little as you like.

I look forward to reading your responses. The winner will be notified on this blog.


Firebrand said...

There is only one man I have dreamt of since the early 90's and his name is Rob Ashton, recently passed romance cover model.

The first time I laid eyes on him in a magazine I was in love.

I envision him playing a arrogant, cocky, devilishly sexy druid. He was a cover model for one of Karen Marie Moning's druid series novels. Hence the druid.

Every time I look at a picture of him I my breath catches. He is just beautiful and the man of my dreams. He may be gone, but I will never forget him.

Sloan said...

The man of my dreams is always tall, DARK and handsome. I've used Pierce Brosnan, Hugh Jackman, Keanu Reeves and Patrick Dempsey in some of my books. I like tortured, tragic, lost heroes who think they are beyond redemption and only I can save them (or my heroine). I am partial to werewolves moreso than vampires although I read both, but write neither...YET. Woof!!!! I love animals.

Jessy said...

I don't have a specific type. Though I do like dimples. And someone who is neither too tall or too short.

Oh, and.... I am not attracted to black men. They are either too forward, or something else.

Not all of them of course, but the ones who show an interest in me are.

Crystal Adkins said...

My fantasies include Sexy Vamp men sucking on my neck :)
But my dreams are not so erotic: I want my son to grow up and do something with himself. I want him to be smart, loving and considerate of others. I want him to know what it is like to find true love and start a family. As for me, that will be the ultimate reward, knowing that I am a good mother :)
I also have a blog so feel free to check it out:

Tracey H. Kitts said...

Thanks for participating:) This contest will run through Friday, Sept. 14. I forgot to mention that earlier, sorry.

Keep posting,


Jyndolyn said...

My dream man would be slightly taller than me, nice body (but not too muscular--yuck!), gorgeous smile, perhaps a dimple or two, kind yet mysterious eyes, strong facial features, long enough hair to pull back into a pony tail, nice legs, and butt. Thats the physical, anyway. Mysterious, kinda shy, smart, kind, good sense of humor when he opens up, someone who isnt afraid to hold my hand in public, kiss me in the rain, push me up against a wall and make mad passionate love to me all night long, who loves me for me and is easily aroused by my presence, who encourages me to believe in myself, very open minded, loves to kiss, very energetic, loves to travel, and has to love animals. If he was a vampire, or even a werewolf that would be ok too, because that would just add to his mysteriousness and his intensity!!To me that would be a very seductive dream man, and if I could find a way to cookie cut him, I would put him in mass production!! LOL!

Drkchameleon said...

The man of my dreams is about 6'2 and has black hair and has a slight dark tint to his skin. His eyes are green and shine bright when he is playful. I dream of an alpha man taking control, but also dream of a vamp who can make your toes curl with just a look at his fangs. Ah...I love dreams.

FIamingGIory said...

The man of my dreams is tall, and by that, at last six foot four, with near black hair, dark eyes, and tanned features.

I dream of a guy with an easy to laugh personality, but despite the obvious teasing, when I need him the most, he's there, strong and holding me through the tough times.

And as for the supernatural aspect, I like mine a little cold blooded. I find biting to be extremely erotic, and to have my blood used to give my man life, Mm, it's shiver-worthy.

Cydream said...

The man of my dreams would look like a cross between Jim Morrison and Travis Fimmel. Tall and dark, handsome but rugged not pretty. Strong but not aggressive. He'd have long long hair to soften his masculine looks, but would never look feminine.

His thoughts would flicker across his face, allowing me to share his emotions, and what thoughts he would have! He'd be smart and funny, caring and thoughtful, imaginative and sharing in all things.

I too prefer werewolves to vampires, warm blood and animal passion to the cold of the grave, but he's my dream man, so I'd accept him for whatever he may be.

Tracey H. Kitts said...

OHMYGOSH, Jyndolyn. If you find a way to mass market him, send one my way:)

sassytdw said...

don't have a look....just love me a smart man

tetewa said...

The man of my dreams would have to have a great sense of humor, I love to laugh. He would have a good smile with nice perfect teeth and a nice butt wouldn't be bad either. My secret crush is Ryan Goosling from the movie The Notebook.

Cherie J said...

Can't complain because I married my dream man. Didn't find and marry him until my 30's but he definitely is my dream come true. He is tall. dark and handsome. He is a wonderful husband, lover, friend and father. He is someone I can count on and he has integrity. I am a very happy woman.

Kimbermichaela said...

my dream man- is tall dark and deadly, he could shapeshift inot a wolf or be a toatl alpha werewolf- like a man with hair on his chest,
blue eyes the color of sapphiress, shoulder length, black hair, a slight beard, lips for kissing, broad shoulders and chest for nuggling and cuddling, but there to make me feel safe in his embrace- sense of humor, can be cocky, but not an ass and willing to say he was sorry or wrong-
love to be romantic, send roses just for the hell of it, love hot baths for 2- LOL
$$$$ secure, like to live on the wild side of life so to speak, loves to read and knows that i need my space also, smart, playful- knows how to make a woman feel good, and doesn't want to change the woman he is with- likes to nibble and kiss and wants to satifsy his partner all the time- not be one sided-
he would be my big bad wolf when he was get angry and i would be the one who could calm him back down- a few tattoos not a problem,
he would be the other half of my soul and that we were their for each other.

Tracey H. Kitts said...

Wow, Kim. I think you just described Marco:) LOL And you know how I feel about him.

Meredith said...

The man of my dreams would be taller than me, but not too tall. He'd have shoulder-length, dark hair (either really dark brown or black). He'd be well-built, but not overly so. More important than his looks, though, would be his personality. He'd be kind, respectful, and caring. He'd be someone I could trust fully, trust with my life. He'd have eyes for me, and only me. He'd make me laugh when I'm sad; comfort me when I'm upset; calm me down when I'm angry; and always be there for me, no matter what was going on. Liking animals is a must. He'd be patient, and good with kids. He'd stand up for me if he needed to, but he wouldn't be outright violent. He'd be funny, but know when to be serious. Tough and protective, but not the jealous type. And all in all, he'd just be the kind of guy who you could bring home to mom and dad. Someone who, at the end of the day, would just cuddle up with me and keep me warm, safe, and protected.

FallenDomino said...

It's hard to describe the man of your dreams.. so many traits and looks.
Strong yet unafraid to show compassion. Knows what he wants and goes after it. Can be the typical guy with the typical male thoughts and ways but is not afraid to say he is wrong when he is. Eyes that can hold the power of the world yet can melt the heart of a woman. He is one of a kind and believes in honesty, love, compassion, and romance. But knows how to defend himself and others. To make him a bit more out of the ordinary, give him quirks and a bit of a smart ass. No one likes a push over or a whip. Let him be able to read your mind when you are down, blue or just want to be held.
Oh.. I could just go on and on. lol

Tracey H. Kitts said...

"Eyes that can hold the power of the world yet can melt the heart of a woman."

Wow. I hope you'll stick around for book three in the series, because you just described a character perfectly who will be introduced in that book:)

The Psychic Poet said...

Hmm, ok, I erm haven't got a man of my dreams, but a woman of my dreams, must be.... sensual, romantic, on the same wavelength as me, if that is possible !
Looks aren't truly important, altho a crocodillypig doesnt do it for me, because the outer can change, but the inner stays the same, so a good personality is a must. A sense of humour is essential, they would need it to be with me...
Dark hair hmmm definitely... I love brown eyes, but that isn't a necessity, as it is whats behind the eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul, and reveal a lot about a person.
That is my dream woman !!! There ya go Ms Kitts.. done and dusted heheh..

Mandy Leigh B. said...

Hmm... I gotta make a list for this one!
1) 6'0- 6'4"
2) Black wavy hair a little bit past the ears
3) Midnight Blue eyes
4) Smooth, pale skin
5) Average body type- defined muscles, but not bulk
6) Favorite wardrobe item: black leather boots
7) 18th century style clothes

Basically Jean-Claude from Anita Blake is my ultimate version of sexy! I love his style, his looks, and his personality.

Denise said...

Okay, so he definately has to be around 6'0 or taller, blue or green eyes, just not brown, b/c mine are brown, and I find them boring. lol. Longer hair, definately, and something darker, either dark brown or black. Slim, but built. I'm not into huge macho muscles. I'm in love with Henry Fitzroy from Blood Ties on Lifetime. Seeing him on the screen drives me crazy! But I've always been partial to, Falcon Hunter from Shonna Brannon's Falcon Hunter (okay, confusing, the main character is the book title. lol). No, he's not pale, but Native American. Don't ask why, but I've always been partial to Native American's, and the whole Native American lifestyle. I was obsessed when I was a little girl. Pocahontas was my idol for a long time. Off the topic. lol. I guess for I'd definately lean either to a cold-blooded vamp like Henry Fitzroy or a shifter like Falcon Hunter (he made me DROOL!) :-)

blackroze37 said...

tall ,dark ,handsome and sexy voice and smile(sam eliott voice)

i guess any that would live forevre or longgg time

blackroze37 said...

i got to thinking, my worse half now, at the time, i didnt think i really had a 'type' told 1 of my daughters, o your mother wouldnt date some blonde and short, she always went for ME looking types LOL

BethRe said...

Dream man, dark hair, kind of long, green eyes, olive colored skin, nice smile, faithfull to me, kind of a bad boy and a great lover

Ironeyes said...

Cool site.

Marianne said...

My dream man is well over 6 feet tall, with long thick mahogany colored hair and dark green eyes, and just a little goatee under his lower lip. He is toned, but not overly built and carries himself with a self assurance of knowing what he wants and is willing to take it. He also sports gold hoops in each ear, just a touch of jewelry.

Being a vamp would be nice or maybe someone with a little touch of magic.