Friday, April 6, 2007

Coffee's good, m'kay?

I certainly hope that someone has seen south park before, or no one will get the title. Oh, well. I'm sitting here right now enjoying a cup of coffee before I get back to writing. I'm just about always writing something, and if I'm not writing I'm reading.

I just finished a pretty intense scene and am taking a few minutes to collect myself before I go on. I would say more, but I don't want to ruin it. Have you ever written, or read something that just sort of left you shaky? Like a long workout or really good sex? Well, that's what this last scene did for me.

This is one of the times that I really hope my mother doesn't read this. Of course she's probably figured out I'm not innocent by now. AND I'm rambling. Sorry guys, nothing prophetic today, I put it all into my book. Once my brain batteries recharge it'll be all good.

Oh, if you didn't get the title, do a search for Mr. Mackey (one of the teachers from south park) I tried to post the clip here where he's telling them not to do drugs, but the link wouldn't work. But drugs are bad m'kay?

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